The Easter story is the concept of “rebirth” which is at the heart of the Christian Easter celebration.
Education For All is a living parable of the Easter story.

Since our founding 7 years ago Education For All has shipped 115 containers of re-used school furniture, equipment and books to schools in 12 overseas developing countries. The latest container was shipped on Thursday 10th April 2014 and contained 2000 books in 445 boxes and 102 pairs of crutches. These resources will be distributed to 9 primary schools in The Kwazulu Natal Province in South Africa.


Where the world would give up and easily throw away, God never gives up on us and takes us where we are and makes us what we should be.


Education For All continues to try to follow the example of Jesus in identifying with the poor and the marginalised in society by providing resources that are otherwise unattainable to them and to give the beneficiaries the best opportunities to live their lives to the full.


That is the on-going story of Easter and of Education For All. Thank for your wonderful support over the years and I wish you a Happy Easter

Neil Logue Chair of Trustees
Education For All Trust Ltd
Registered Charity No: 1120025

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Education for All Trust is a UK Registered Charity Number:  1120025

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