We work with schools, local authorities and private firms in the UK to remove redundant furniture and equipment from schools by the most sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. We believe the re-use of commodities such as furniture is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle and the best way to conserve finite natural resources.

Turning a UK waste problem into a solution to provide education in the worlds most deprived communities

To us re-use of quality furniture is simple common sense and we work hard to make it a viable alternative to landfill for everyone.


We help school leaders make sure their redundant furniture doesn’t simply go to waste by sending it to enhance the quality of education in Developing World schools.

We re-use a wide variety of materials from schools, these include desks, chairs, cabinets, library equipment, teaching resources, sports & music equipment, books, and technical equipment. You can see a full list items we can re-use here.

See the process in pictures, our pictorial case study of Ghana shows what happens to the furniture after leaving your school.

Working with BUSINESS

Construction Industry

We work with national construction firms delivering environmental and social benefits to every project helping them attain their corporate social responsibility aspirations. Due to our unique operational model we deliver cost effective removal and waste management services.

In addition to outstanding service we can provide companies with information for their corporate social and environmental reporting:

Benefits delivered to local communities and local organisations

Tonnages of waste diverted from landfill, re-used and recycled

Report on the international development impacts achieved as a result of re-using furniture

Removal Companies & General Businesses

Enables removals companies to offer an attractive service to their clients providing a competitive advantage by delivering social and environmental benefits

Achieve environmental targets by championing re-use of equipment which is the most environmentally sound practice

Reduce costs by avoiding charges associated with landfill

Opportunities for positive press on your companies forward thinking approach in partnering with third sector organisations to reduce landfill and promote education in the developing world.

Companies can use Education for All to offload redundant furniture as a result of refurbishment projects in an environmental and socially responsible way.

Working with Education for All brings the following benefits:

Education for All Trust is a UK Registered Charity Number:  1120025

See our School Linking page to find out how we can engage the school community in the process.

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