Education for All seeks to build a better understanding between children in the UK and pupils in developing countries to their equal and mutual benefit.  By engaging pupils in our work they have the opportunity to reflect on the value of resources and learn how best to use them.

We can give presentations to pupils on our activities specific to the school and on the benefits of recycling and re-use of material.

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Education for All Trust is a UK Registered Charity Number:  1120025

Education for All promote pupil learning and engagement throughout our activities. We offer the following opportunities to the school and pupils:

We give the school feedback on the where furniture is sent, information on the destination school, and community it went on to benefit.

We can aid your school in supporting a chosen development project.

Children are invited to attach a message onto each desk the last time they use it. This message is found by children at the receiver school, creating a direct link between UK pupils and their peers in the developing  world. 

As part of nurturing a sense of global citizenship the whole school community is encouraged to participate in a two way link.

Enquiries: +44 (0)7976 753397